项目基地位于北京西六环外的大西山凤凰岭,是由两个带有独立院落的相邻民宅组成。基地的南侧是大片果林,可以看到很开阔的山景。业主希望将这个场所打造成一个偏私密的餐饮空间,委托谜舍设计进行景观、建筑外立面以及室内的全方位改造设计。The project base, which is located in the DaXi Mountain Phoenix Range out of the Beijing west sixth ring road, consists of two neighboring private houses with their own independent courtyards. To the south of the base lies a big orchard, through which visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the mountain. The proprietor, who wants to build the whole place into a kind of private restaurant, entrusts Nazodesign Studio to conduct an all-directional innovation renovation on the houses with respect to their insideoutside constructiondecoration as well as the landscape surrounding them.


虽然项目距离北京城区只有近40分钟的车程,但是现场感受已经完全置身于山林之间,谜舍希望使用洗练的设计语言处理空间与自然的关系,将自然景致引入庭院和室内。谜舍将对着果林的南侧院墙局部打开,设置了户外框景区和户外茶区,虚实结合的立面以不同的姿态引入光线,使人在多样的光影氛围中体验自然,感受自然。You can easily feel that the houses are already totally deep inside the mountainforests although it only takes nearly 40 minutes to drive to this place from the city suburbs. So, we hope to utilize simplified design language to deal with the relationship between spacenature by bringing natural scenery into the courtyardshouses. We plan to turn the south yard facade facing the orchard into an area where some outdoor enframed scenery zonetea zone are arranged in a selectively focusing method, drawing natural light into the area from different angles, to give guests an opportunity to feelexperience nature in the background of diversified lightsshadows.

▼从户外框景区和户外茶区看建筑,restaurant from outdoor enframed scenery zonetea zone

将院墙较高的部分拆除,压低整个院落的体量,并以带有线性光源的水泥板、老砖和灰色碎石作为庭院的主要铺砌材料。谜舍意在以周边山景为主角,让设计低调的姿态融入自然,以营造近人尺度的庭院。庭院有不同功能的分区,各个分区使用了不同的标高,希望在整体简约的基础氛围上能创造出微妙且丰富的变化。由于场地是山地地形,所以两个民宅的现状是彼此间有近一米的高差,两个庭院连通后将面临一米高差如何处理的问题。谜舍将相邻的院墙拆除,并将一米的高差,使用可演变为户外座位的楼梯进行化解,场地的缺陷巧妙的变成了具有相对私密性的户外座位区,创造了独特的户外空间体验。We will take down the higher parts of the walls of the yards to make the whole area look more delicate,use cement boards with linear light, old bricksgrey stone fragments as materials for the pavement in the yards. We mean to make the surrounding mountain view the core of everything here by delicately combining human design into nature to an intimate, homely courtyard.The whole area will be divided into several functional zones, each with a different height standard, aimed to make some subtle but rich changes in the basic atmosphere of simplicity in the surrounding. Since this is a mountain area, so currently there is a height difference of nearly 1 meter between the two private houses —then we face a problem of how to get rid of this difference later. We suggest to deal with this problem by tearing down the neighboring wallbuilding between them a wide staircase which can also serve as outdoor seats in good privacy. So, here, quite unexpectedly, the problem seems to give us an opportunity to a unique outdoor experience space.

▼庭院概览,将一米的高差使用可演变为户外座位的楼梯进行化解,courtyard overview, a wide staircase which can also serve as outdoor seats in good privacy

谜舍刻意将餐厅的主入口设置在了远离庭院入口的位置,并需要经过一个非常纯粹的水泥空间才能到达餐区,这样“稍有不便”的迂回动线是为了使客人的餐饮体验更为丰富并具有仪式感.谜舍认为“驱车上山就餐”这个行为本身的核心并不只是食物,而是由“山景”、“庭院”、“私密”、“空间”、“文化”、“食物”等一系列元素构成的完整体验,这些元素都是由动线的延申进行串联。随着动线的推进,人可以感受到不同视角的景色,不同的空间节奏,不同的材质变化,跟随着动线完成了一次空间的深层阅读。We plan to deliberately arrange the main entrance to the restaurant in a position which is far from the entrance to the yardleads to some certain space made of pure cement which is then connected to the dining hall– through such a special design, it’s aimed to provide all guests a peculiar sense of difficulty that would make their dining experience more colorfulritual. We believe our guests “drive to the mountain ” surely not only to eat food, but also to explore the beautiful natural views here,to experience the uniqueness, privacyculture of our enchanting restaurantcourtyard. All the elements of food, mountain view, privacy, spaceculture work together to provide guests with a totally new way of dynamic experience of a wonderful world of different materialsrhythms which is gradually unfolding before their eyes as they get closer tofinally enter through the area.▼从庭院走向餐厅主入口,main entrance from the courtyard


Firstly, the guests cross the spacious yard to go inside the building. At this moment, in front of them is a quite narrow indoor corridor, the floor of which is made of the same kind of cement boardsstone fragments used for the pavement in the yard, this method which diminishes the boundary between the corridoryardalso makes the whole area look like a quite small grey world full of dramatic imagination.


室内廊道连接着兼具接待功能的酒吧区,谜舍将吧台旁边的侧窗设计为竖向折叠推窗,并将窗台板设计为室内外连通的吧桌。侧窗推开,户外酒吧即形成。水泥墙的局部留白,将文化理念写于其上,墙为空间构件,此刻亦为书画。This corridor is also connected to a barreception, beside which sits the side window, which is designed as a vertical foldable sliding one. The corresponding window board is then designed to function as a bar table surface through the frame of the window. When the window is pushed up, the area instantly becomes an outdoor bar. Small parts of the corridor walls will be white on which some works of paintingcalligraphy can be hung there,for an alternative, some pieces of paper of operation concepts.


▼室内廊道, corridor

▼水泥墙的局部留白,将文化理念写于其上Small parts of the corridor walls will be white on which some works of paintingcalligraphy can be hung there

另一个明显的空间节奏变化出现在由一层过道进入到开放餐区的过程。房子一层现状层高不高,谜舍将一层开放餐区与二楼的楼板切除,在较为低矮的一层打造出了一个小型吹拔(挑空)区域。人由低矮狭窄的过道走出,进入到一个层高七米的高耸空间,竖向尺度的变化让空间的体验更为丰富。For the next step, the guests go through the corridor into the first floor public dining area which is a process with noticeable change in space rhythm. Currently each house has a very limited heightwe plan to remove the second storey’s floor of the lower house to make its two storeys into one. In that way, the guests would surely have a marvelous experience when they walk into a very spacious space with a height of about 7 meters from a narrow corridor.

▼过道旁的饮茶空间,tea area at the side of corridor

▼从一层过道进入到开放餐区,go through the corridor into the first floor public dining area

▼层高七米的挑空一层开放餐区,public dining area

▼在开放餐区仰望,looking up from public dining area

极简纯白的楼梯空间是相对现代的一层与相对素雅的二层之间的重要过渡空间。The pure white staircase of extreme simplicity functions as an important transition from the quite modern first storey into the very elegantsimple second storey.


二层空间大多为餐区,根据房子本身的结构格局,谜舍将不同的分区设置为私密包间和开放餐区,以满足不同的就餐需求。二层空间的南侧立面有很好的山景,谜舍保留了二层的坡屋面,并使用竹席进行包裹。古朴质感的人字屋面与户外的自然景色形成了很好的呼应。The second storey is mostly dining spaceconsists of different areas of public dining zonesprivate rooms for the needs of different guests, which are also designed to suit the original construction characteristics of the houses. The south wall in the shape of slope on the second storey will be preserved, through the windows on which, you can see a very nice view over the mountain. We will cover the inner surface of the slope wall with bamboo mat to make it look ancientclassicin good match with the beautiful outside scenery.

▼二层用餐空间,dining area on second floor



Our design concept is to develop a variety of space levels which will make up a series of enframed sceneries. In these different spaces, some openings are set there to serve as the frame of each scenery. For designing of such openings, we take guests’ usual perspectives as our basic guidance. All openings are developed into vivid unique shapes with no notch so as to make them function as excellent frames for their sceneries.

▼卫生间,rest room

空间多使用整面的木制滑门以及隐形门提高空间视觉的整体性。业主收藏了很多非常有质感的古布。在这个空间里,谜舍也思考了将这些古布以不同的方式巧妙的融入空间。软性材料的介入很好的柔化了空间氛围,并提升了空间品质。On all the walls of the houses, we mainly use wooden slide doorssome kind of invisible doors in order to strengthen the wholeness of the area. The proprietor has a large collection of some quality ancient cloth. And we’re considering to use them for decorating the houses in some suitabledelicate method. The adding of soft material for decoration is likely to make the general atmosphere in the whole area more gentleintimate,also to improve the space quality here.

▼将业主收藏的古布以不同的方式巧妙的融入空间,use the collection of some quality ancient cloth for decorating the houses in some suitabledelicate method

空间的踢脚使用了只有2公分高的黑钛金属,地面材料交接的部分使用细黄铜条进行分割,展龛由细腻的黑色氟碳钢板制成,以提升空间的精致感。做旧的铜板,粗犷的水泥墙也同时出现在空间中。材料的选取上谜舍希望兼顾现代和传统的结合,打造既简练又有质感的空间。整个项目完工后最终呈现出的现代感,却又能完美的与自然相融的独特气质是谜舍所期待的。既保持了现代人的生活方式和审美习惯,并对于所在的环境有深层次的呼应,这也是谜舍对于场所性的一种理解。The skirtings we will use for decoration are made of black steelonly 2 cm high. And we will use fine copper bars as joint sealers between each floor tile. The walls of the exhibition recess part will be made with finesmooth black perfluorocarbon steel sheet in order to a sense of space delicacy. The combination of deliberately made old copper sheetscoarse cement walls is meant to present a simple but quality space full of both moderntraditional features. After the entire project is completed, a perfect modernness as well as integration with the nature will be demonstrated in the whole area, which we are passionately looking forward to. We think we need to make a deep level response to our surroundings without changing our life stylesaesthetic habits at the same time– that is also our way of understanding placeness.

▼一层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2


Project: T.ETERNO Restaurant
Client: T.ETERNO
Produce: Jiang Chengcheng
Area: 520 sqm
Completion date: September 2018
Design:Nazodesign Studio
Project team: Tian Shaoyin, Zeng Yuxian,Guo YiKe , Zhang Zengquan
Photography:Misae Hiromatsu, Yuming Song (Beijing Ruijing Photo)
Contact:[email protected]

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